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Vedic Art
is developed and made available to westerners since 18 years thanks to the Swedish artist Curt Källman. The process is now taught for the first time in France.
Vedic Art is independent of all schools of thoughts, organisations, religions, and philosophies.

Classes : 1 week-end per month for 4 months, OR 1 Saturday per month for 6 months.
Call for other possibilities.
Next level classes to deepen the process and classes for teachers are also available.

Location : Paris 14e, métro Pernety (or at a place of your choice.)

Teacher : Ann Dillemann, trained in USA (Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Creativity, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Painting...) and in Sweden (Vedic Art).

She is a painter and a writer.
For more information : 06 75 29 88 21
E-mail: Ann Dillemann
The purpose of Vedic Art
is to explore our potentials and contact our own creative intelligence. Each person will find his and her unique expression – a personal way to let the inner images flow freely.

Vedic Art
is a teaching consisting of 17 principles that comes from the ancient Indian teachings, the Vedas. The principles are guides both in art and in life. They teach us a science of life and natural laws that exist in us all but are not yet activated. Throughout the course you’ll get your creativity validated.

Using simple and playful exercises you will discover, for example, the power of the right brain, of intuition, of meaning, and the inner dimension. You’ll discover a new way to look upon life and to answer your questions. Choice making becomes easier and clearer, the energy finding its way, flowing more freely...

"The power of the point", Curt Källmann, 2002
Vedic Art is a process that activates our   personal development and consciousness through creativity. This process is excellent for everybody that  :
- is interested in personal growth ;
- stopped drawing and painting after school and has given up on
being creative ;
- never has touched a paintbrush or is already paining.

Creativity does not need to be invented. We already carry its powerful source inside of us. 

When the impulse from the first principle of Vedic Art is given, the creative intelligence awakens...

A teaching for personal development
and conscious living
using drawing and painting.

No experience is necessary !

All you need is the desire to explore the extraordinary field of creativity and the powerful opportunities in life ...